Cyprus Society of Family Therapy (CySoFT)

family2 The Cyprus Society of Family Therapy (CySoFT) was founded in 2001 by professionals in the mental health field (psychiatrists and psychologists), who had many years of practice and training in the application of systemic thinking and the systemic approach in the field of psychotherapy and training, both in the private and public sector. The Cyprus Society of Family Therapy is a member of the European Family Therapy Association (EFTA) since 2002.

CySoFT promotes the systemic approach and practice in therapy, supervision, and training, as well as in the application of psychotherapy to individuals, couples and families. Within the framework of the systemic approach, our philosophy is based on the belief in everyone’s individuality as it is expressed through the “individualin-relationship”. Working with people in the context of their relationships, their emotions, their stories and hopes for the future, we create amazing possibilities. Our optimism is based on our solid experience, which has shown us that when working with people through the rich network of their relationships we can construct fulfillment, healing and possibilities for new ways of living, even where hope seems absurd or impossible.


Aims and Goals:

• To develop communication in human relationships and promote mental health and quality of life
• To promote healthy interpersonal relationships especially in the context of marriage and family
• To promote and develop family therapy in
• To ensure and establish a framework and standards of practicing the profession of a family therapist.
• To promote the systemic applications and the systemic approach in broader fields of the social and political life of our country.
• To provide counseling services to broader and bigger structures such as schools, businesses, professional teams etc.
• To promote scientific research and training in the field of family therapy and the systemic approach and application.